Have you ever played that Ice breaker game where you had to list 2 facts about yourself and 1 false statement and have everyone try to guess which one was false? I always win at this game and I credit this all to my early childhood. Let me show you why…

  1. I have climbed to the top and looked down into an active volcano.
  2. I have been responsible for turning an international flight around for an emergency landing.
  3. I didn’t wear shoes until I was 9 years old.

So can you guess which one is false? Go ahead I’ll wait.

False: No shoes until I was 9!!!! Come on, I wasn’t raised by savages! I’m just an MK (missionary kid) born and raised, til the chaotic age of 16, in the Philippines. I still consider this beautiful country my home.

That little climb to the top of a volcano was Taal Volcano. We had no tour guides then, it was just my parents, 3 siblings and our rubber shoes (that melted from the steam) making our way to the tippy top. I can still remember us holding our noses the whole way because it smelled like rotten eggs!

The airline story will have to wait for another post.

On that same family vacation where we climbed the volcano, I also was able to spend time running through the rice terraces with my siblings. I have so many incredible childhood memories, but the rice terraces and the local farmers always will be some of my favorites.

I chose to paint rice terraces for this exhibit because they connect me with my roots, the beauty of the islands and the Filipino people.

I hope you will get a chance to come see this exhibit and all the diverse cultures that will be represented by several local artists.

Artist Reception September 27 @ 6 – 8pm

The exhibit will be up from September 20 – October 27th.

“Culture is how communities come together through shared experiences, customs, art and way of life. Through the visual arts, artists will share their perspectives on their culture or a culture they admire. What are the traditions, beliefs, or celebrations that make it unique? How do our unique perspectives foster a strong community?
Hosted by the city of Clearwater Community Redevelopment Agency, the exhibit at Second Century Studios in downtown will be free and open to the public, featuring artists from the region, as well as student artists. “

Tarin Mohajeri, program coordinator for the Community Redevelopment Agency, at tarin.mohajeri@myclearwater.com

Second Century Studios. 331-A Cleveland Street 
Clearwater, FL 33756 United States

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